The primary mission for TEKNA-THEOS inc. continues to be the development of a bioreactor suitable for the study of bone loss during spaceflight. We believe this endeavor will enable our organization to better equip students for careers in research, technology, or business. Students are presently working on the bench prototype and collecting ground data.


In Developement

In the fall of 2005 TTI will offer a bioreactor experiment design competition available to all Florida high schools. Interested students can design their own tissue culture experiments, and the winner’s research will be conducted by TTI using their bioreactor. Read More>>

TTI is creating an educational product to assist other teachers and students as they form their own corporations. Filing incorporation paperwork, establishing vision and mission statements, grant writing, and task organizing are just some of the tasks the students and teachers will learn about. All materials will be downloadable from the TTI web site. (

Projects also being developed include a bioregeneration student product that will use aquatic plants to recycle animal metabolism byproducts. Another significant effort of the company is to develop a hypobaric growth chamber for growing plants in less than one atmosphere. These emerging technologies have the potential to both sustain astronauts on long duration space flights and create an Earth-like atmosphere on Mars. Finally TTI is developing a small classroom sized wind tunnel that will provide direct lift measurements in units of force for student airfoils.