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NASA's Office of Physical and Biological Research -- tackling puzzles like osteoporosis through space research.

Gravity Hurts (So Good) -- Science@NASA article: Strange things can happen to the human body when people venture into space -- and the familiar pull of gravity vanishes.

National Space Biomedical Research Institute -- home page.

Q&A about osteoporosis -- from the American Medical Women's Association

Bone Loss research group -- webpage for the division of the National Space Biomedical Research Institute studying bone loss in space. Also has links to other divisions of NSBRI that deal with different medical issues related to space travel.

Prevention of Bone Loss During Manned Space Flight -- information about the Vanderbilt University research discussed in this article.

Sub-regional Assessment of Bone Loss -- fact sheet for an experiment on bone loss conducted on the International Space Station during Expedition Two. Information on this experiment from NASA's Johnson Space Center can also be found here .

Medical benefits of NASA research on bone loss -- information on how research to solve the mystery of bone loss in space helps to advance the treatment of osteoporosis.

A Boon for Bone Research -- a medical tool for measuring bone stiffness without using radiation was developed for researching bone loss in space, but it is also proving useful for diagnosing bone loss here on the ground.

Calcium Kinetics During Spaceflight -- technical information about how calcium is regulated in the body, both on the ground and in space. From NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Bone Function -- from the National Space Biomedical Research Institute.

Investigation of bone growth in space -- from the National Space Biomedical Research Institute.

Biotechnology research in microgravity -- from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

More links on osteoporosis -- from the National Aging Information Center

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Related Publications

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