TEKNA-THEOS Inc. is a non profit research and education company created by a teacher and initially staffed by students from the Orange Park Christian Academy in Orange Park, Florida. The company was formed to excite students in northeast Florida about careers in science and engineering through the design, construction and flight of a novel spaceflight bioreactor. Research activities include the investigation of potential chemical and mechanical countermeasures for microgravity induced bone loss. Educational programs consist of AEROSPACE DAYS at both rural and suburban schools, as well as educational teacher development products for teachers. Past educational programs included a private pilot’s ground school, a various NASA sponsored competitions.

Future research will focus on astronaut bone loss studies, bioreactor flight(s) on board the shuttle middeck or other U.S. spacecraft, and bioregeneration technology related to plant growth during long term manned space flights. Future education efforts include the promotion of northeast Florida student flight experiments and development of regional aerospace related competitions. TEKNA-THEOS Inc. is supported by the Moseley Technical Services Incorporated, an engineering company that also supports NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.