How to help TEKNA-THEOS get into space

Donation Information

TEKNA-THEOS Inc. is completely funded through grants and by
individual donors. We are a 501C3(pending) tax exempt not-for-profit
organization. Every dollar you donate to TEKNA-THEOS Inc. goes straight into achieving our two core missions:

Helping Students Get Ahead. . .

  • TEKNA-THEOS Inc. offers students a unique opportunity to
    learn about careers in business, science, and medicine. In
    our program, students work on the cutting edge of medical research, while operating a corporation. TEKNA-THEOS Inc.
    offers a truly one of a kind experience.

Advancing Spaceflight Physiology and Osteoporosis Research. .

  • TEKNA-THEOS Inc. is on the cutting edge of Space-based
    bone loss and Osteoporosis research. Through our exhaustive research we hope to create a new understanding of this
    disease and new methods of addressing it.

To get more information about making a donation to
TEKNA-THEOS Inc. please call us at (904) 626-3512 or
email us at donate@teknatheos.org.

No contribution is too small. Every dollar helps us expand our vision.

Thank you for your interest in TEKNA-THEOS Inc.