Space Day Press Release
May 4, 2007

Orange Park—TEKNA-THEOS Inc. (TTI), a high school research and education company, is partnering with FCCJ’s Aviation Center of Excellence, FLIGHTSTAR aircraft Services Inc. and the Challenger Center to sponsor AEROSPACE DAY 2007. This one day event uses America’s aerospace assets to promote math and science to 6th - 10th grade students from Northeast Florida. Students will hear presentations by aerospace experts, compete in teams to solve aerospace related engineering problems, and view exhibits representing regional aerospace and aviation entities.

On Friday the 4 th of May interested students and teachers from Duval, Clay and Nassau counties will meet at the FCCJ campus at Cecil Field. “This year’s theme is ‘…AEROSPACE: HOW FAR AND HIGH DO YOU WANT TO GO?’” said EVA teacher and TTI President Kevin Simmons. “Our speakers will emphasize the opportunities students have to enter aerospace related careers and contribute to America’s preeminence in the fields of aviation and space.”

This third annual event will build on two very successful previous events held in Clay and Union Counties. AEROSPACE DAY 2007 will include speakers from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and aviation professionals from FCCJ’s Aviation Center of Excellence. Expected exhibitors include Zero G Corporation (, The Florida Space Grant Consortium (, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s TEACHSPACE PROGRAM (, FCCJ’s Aviation Center of Excellence (, TEKNA-THEOS Inc. (, the Challenger Center of Jacksonville, Eagle’s View Academy (, the Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry or NEFAR (, Space Florida ( and many others. Tours of Cecil Field and some sponsors’ facilities are also planned.

TEKNA-THEOS Inc. was incorporated by a teacher and students from Orange Park in 2002 as a nonprofit company whose mission statement is “…to better educate high school students through space related biochemical and engineering research.” Headquartered now at Eagle’s View Academy of Jacksonville, TTI encourages Northeast Florida students to pursue math, science, and engineering careers through the development of a spaceflight bioreactor for the investigation of microgravity induced bone loss. While continuing to develop its bioreactor, TTI also promotes aviation and aerospace programs for high school students.

For more information contact Kevin Simmons of
TEKNA-THEOS Inc. at 626-3512.